fans have been practically begging for Whole Lotta Red to drop ever since he released Die Lit back in 2018. Despite the demand for the , Carti has kept fans waiting, and at times, they have even given believing the exists. Due to numerous leaks, Carti had to keep delaying the project but based his recent social media activity, it’s clear the is imminent.

In fact, his most recent Instagram post suggests the could potentially be coming out . He even revealed that  West  him one of those insane Yeezy tanks we’ve been seeing over the past few months. “I kAnT bELieVE mY iS AbOUT 2 dRoP. wTF 💋 ps. i goT A @ THe cAsTLE n0w thx. YE,” Carti wrote.

Carti recently shared a snippet featuring , so it makes sense that the billionaire Yeezy owner would want to reward him in some way. As can imagine, fans are over the about Carti’s recent admission and they’re planning out how they’re going to the .

This news will certainly humor the likes of Mario Judah, who has been offering some warnings to Carti over the past couple of weeks, demanding that he drop the .

Only time will tell whether or not Carti makes good this latest .